For those with a busy schedule and time constraints, chopper tours of Nepal could be the best option. And to those who want to reach the Himalayan but wish to skip strenuous foot trails, a tour by helicopter is enjoyable and worthwhile. The view of tranquil green valleys, high-raised glittering mountains covered in snow, and heavenly landscapes are the best rewards that will live up to your expectation on heli tours of Nepal.

As we believe every second of our life is precious, we focus only on the best in our life. And the best way to tour Nepal is by flying in a whirlybird and feeling its essence by being parallel to all those colossal mountains. Nepal is home to thousands of mountains, where eight mountains are above 8000m and among the top 10 highest mountains in the world. Besides that, the remote wilderness in the Himalayan region and beautiful green pastures far from urban sprawl will eventually attract you to it. Thus, the luxurious helicopter ride will ensure its worth and build some sense of achievement and satisfaction.

 Everest Base camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Gosaikunda Lake, Muktinath visit, Langtang region, Kanchenjunga region, and Lumbini visit are some famous and busy heli tour destinations of Nepal. So choose any of the destinations above and leave your footprints behind in a short frame of time.