Safety is the first priority

Our first and foremost priority is your health so we perform our task with no excuses.Our company is always be responsible for your good health and safety measures.Since our itineraries are designed in such a way that you do not hassle at the end of the day.We are always prepared with first aid kits and the safety measures when you are in Himalayas.Moreover you are in the circle of experts of our team when you are in vacation here.

Team with great enthusiasm and experience

You are here with great joy to explore nature, culture and local community so we have great enthusiastic member who have long experience of various touristic places.They will help you with any queries about that places where you are visiting.Our whole team is well known and enthusiastic about their task so they can take you to beyond or above your expectation about this small beautiful country Nepal .

Well trained and responsible team

Our well trained and responsible team guide you in every steps, doubts and difficulties so you can enjoy every moments while you are here. Our every member are well known and trained for the appearance and performance with the visitors so you can feel easy everytime. They are often habitual of exotic landscapes of the places with long term experience and knowledge in this field.

Passionate about tourism

Everyone follow their passion and the passion of BEAT is to respect and show responsibility to your passion of travelling and exploring.In this company you can meet every member passionate about travelling so it will be easy to understand your inner feeling and needs so that we can fulfill it.All the member are very deep in the tourism that makes your expectation meet or beyond that.

Tourism policies and ethics

BEAT follows the policies that lead you to dissolve extremely in the nature and the places where we go. We believe in good moral character and ethics maintained for hospitality management so we are operated under policies of responsible tourism.Our aim is to maintain ethical tourism in sustained way hence our ethics promote responsible tourism policies.

Cheap and inclusive

Our company is one of the cheap and best for your visits and vacations in Nepal .We offer you with more discounts for family travel packages,long days vacations and adventurous tourism .BEAT is the one which includes many services during travelling and visiting periods.There is no any compromises made when it comes to the best quality and services.That is why our company is reason for travelling in cheap and inclusive way.

Bona fide and committed

We are very sincere and committed for your service and guide.Our company member are bona fide and committed for the task that should be performed in the service of your visiting.While being here you can feel atmosphere like being in the circle of family and friends with our extremely devoted and frank member showing their hospitality and greeting. So our bona fide and committed team member serve you with best and helps to create your memories that last lifetime. 8.Available anytime on your service We are available anytime on your service and your questionnaires are always respected and answered promptly. You will be very impressed by our customer service and dedication for the promoting tourism to next level.Since your happiness is our happiness so we promise to maintain you happy anytime by our services,ethics,policies and hospitality.

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